We are your
NextGen Partner

We help you create memorable experiences for your users with the best technology-based services for #CX

We are your
NextGen Partner

We help you create memorable experiences for your users with the best technology-based services for #CX

CX Consulting and

End-to-End Solutions

At Apex America, our commitment is to accompany you in the design of end-to-end solutions based on your challenges, with our methodology and agile processes. We use industry best practices to propel your business into the future, providing you with the advice you need to achieve an exceptional experience for your customers.

Discovering customer needs

At this stage, we dive deep into understanding your customers. We explore their needs, wants and expectations, allowing us to identify key opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction. Our experts are ready to unravel what your audience values and needs.

Designing solutions and transforming the Customer Journey

Once we understand your customers’ needs, we work on creating tailored solutions. We design experiences that align perfectly with your business objectives and your customers’ expectations. We redesign the customer journey to be more effective and meaningful.

Delivering experiences with omnichannel impact

Our mission does not stop at the design, but at effective implementation. We deliver solutions that make a difference across all channels of interaction with your customers. We ensure that every experience is consistent and high impact, regardless of its origin (web, mobile devices, social media or other media). At Apex America, excellence is our commitment.


We are a Next Generation BPO with deep expertise in technologies focused on customer experience. We offer a wide range of products and services powered by technology and artificial intelligence.

Apex Omni

Create, manage and drive 360-degree digital strategies. With Apex Omni, connect with your customers in a comprehensive and effective way. Take your digital strategies to the next level with Apex omnichannel consulting

Apex Insights

Gain a deep understanding of your customers through their interactions. Our proprietary platform provides advanced analytics to drive your strategy. Discover more about your customers with Apex Insights.

Apex Bots

Turn automation into your ally. Our chatbots and voicebots connect you with customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, improving user experience. Turn automation into your ally with Apex Bots.

Touch VR

It is a digital service that allows us to offer a visual menu of options that helps the Client to self-manage without going through the contact center.


Boost your employees’ performance with our Employee Experience platform. This platform, based on our team’s experience, is result focused and simplifies knowledge management. Optimize your workforce with Apex Way.


Experience Management

We are here to take care of your users, providing exceptional solutions in analog and digital channels. Our service is personalized, responsive and high quality. Trust us to manage your customers’ experience as if they were our own.

Customer Care Service

Our Customer Care Service is the friendly voice that attends to your customers’ queries and needs, providing quick answers and solutions. We are customer service experts.

Customer Care

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of your customers with exceptional and personalized attention that fosters loyalty to your brand.

Trust & Safety

We maintain security in your online platforms and communities, ensuring that users have both reliable and protected experiences.

Tech Support

We provide first-rate technical support to resolve users’ problems and questions, ensuring a hassle-free.

Content Moderation

We moderate the content on your platforms, ensuring that it remains safe and appropriate for all users.

Collect & Recovery

We focus on the recovery of outstanding payments and debt collection management in various areas, ensuring that your transactions are efficient and your income is maximized, achieving agreements and commitments with your clients.

Order Processing

We simplify and accelerate order processing so that your customers get products and services without complications. We offer an end-to-end solution that covers everything from taking orders to inventory management, shipping and collecting orders from your customers.

Exclusive Google Cloud Partner in CX Innovation

At Apex America, we are the first Google Cloud BPO partner in the region, which gives us exclusive and early access to the best available technology and the latest developments.

Our expertise together with these cutting-edge tools create digital products specialized in customer experience.

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