As consumers become increasingly connected, we orchestrate each channel with integrated capabilities to understand and address their respective needs, regardless of the interaction’s origin.

Omnichannel Support based on 3 Fundamental Pillars


  • Our selection process considers knowledge and experience in the digital market.
  • We assess written communication skills.
  • We train according to the necessary profile for each industry type.
  • We evaluate our team based on their behavior on social media.


  • Management of the entire digital services chain.
    Adapting language to the consumer’s profile.

  • Crisis management and programming.

  • Customer journey consultancy.


  • Omnichannel technology.

  • Apex Insights, our Speech Analytics platform for customer experience.

We ensure brand reputation by balancing it with consumer freedom of expression.


Respond to customer inquiries, manage all social media channels, and direct requests to the appropriate areas.


Insights for posts and production of all material based on brand guidelines.


Responses to customer inquiries, attention to all social media, and personalized responses.


Identification and action against inappropriate and illegal content, such as incitement to crime and discrimination.

over 60 million interactions
per year

we specialize in handling our clients’ conversations on voice platforms, digital channels, and social media.


One of Argentina's most important University Hospitals faced significant challenges in operational management and customer experience.

One of Argentina's top three telecommunications companies approached Apex seeking a specific and challenging solution: providing quality support for its corporate clients

Our client, a global leader in the production and sale of coffee capsules, needed to streamline customer service while maintaining high CX standards.

Our client, a global leader in the production and sale of coffee capsules, faced the challenge of deeply understanding their customers' experience in every interaction.

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