Apex Way

Comprehensive Employee Experience Platform

The future of comprehensive employee experience management is digital and relational. At Apex, we have developed an ecosystem of platforms and products that allows us to create a new, personalized digital experience for our employees, centered on their needs.


We use our Speech Analytics platform alongside a specialized team to help each employee achieve their goals and obtain the best results by providing better experiences.


We designed an emotional assistant that helps identify feelings and work on them to manage emotions quickly and personally, increasing people’s well-being.


A unified communication portal that allows us to deliver personalized information to each employee according to their needs and role.

Training and

Apex University is the platform designed for the development, training, and education of each individual in the organization, with personalized learning paths according to the needs of each role.

Individual Performance

Our ENFOCO Performance module allows employees to set goals on performance indicators and develop improvement strategies, enabling them to identify and prioritize the best ways to achieve their objectives as part of a coaching process based on a conversational model.


Classification and grouping of employees according to predefined criteria associated with operational performance indicators.


Our CX Team analyzes the reasons behind each employee’s results and designs immediate improvement actions.


Actionable commitments are generated between leader and employee. Work plans are created to improve results.


Partial reviews are conducted to assess performance trends and verify the employee’s progress based on their performance review.


The purpose of the audit is to ensure the quality of coaching conversations to achieve the expected operational results.

Performance Modules

Real-Time Management of Indicators

Internal Messaging Platform

Automated Quality Monitoring

Integration with Speech Analytics to manage feedback

Performance Reporting

Multi-Tenant Platform to centralize the management model

Performance Results

Improvement in AHT for regional retail client
- 0 "
Improvement in QUALITY indicator for healthcare client
+ 0 %
Improvement in AHT for global e-commerce client
- 0 "

A People-Centered Organization

At Apex, we focus our employee strategy on fostering healthy and resilient organizations, enhancing the psychological capital of each individual in our team.

Emotional Well-being

In line with our strategy, we designed and developed Dala, our Comprehensive Digital Well-being and Support Assistant.

This innovative, flexible, and practical tool allows employees to autonomously and quickly address needs, from the most immediate to the most complex, automating the experience when viable and connecting when crucial.

Dala offers two conversation paths to support the employee experience

Emotional Well-being

Helps identify how people feel to enhance their well-being

  • Manage emotions quickly and personally.
  • Perform meditation exercises and active breaks.
  • Provide feedback on the experience.

Comunicación y Soporte

Request assistance or help from different areas of the organization.

  • Resolve device, system, or accessory issues through a single channel.
  • Inquire about licenses, certificates, and compensation.

Well-being Results

Positive work environment
+ 0 %
Monthly DALA users
+ 0 K


One of Argentina's most important University Hospitals faced significant challenges in operational management and customer experience.

One of Argentina's top three telecommunications companies approached Apex seeking a specific and challenging solution: providing quality support for its corporate clients

Our client, a global leader in the production and sale of coffee capsules, needed to streamline customer service while maintaining high CX standards.

Our client, a global leader in the production and sale of coffee capsules, faced the challenge of deeply understanding their customers' experience in every interaction.

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