We are
Apex America

At Apex, we are a committed multicultural team, challenging limits and transforming the world with closeness, respect and extraordinary results.

We are
Apex America

At Apex, we are a committed multicultural team, challenging limits and transforming the world with closeness, respect and extraordinary results.

At Apex, we celebrate each person and value the richness of diversity. We know that our strength lies in our differences. We offer you a space where you can grow and fully develop, promoting an environment of respect, where passion and authenticity are always welcome.

Every day at Apex is an opportunity to be yourself, to be your best and to explore new possibilities. Our culture empowers you to achieve your goals and fulfill your potential. We value every member of our team and work together to transform the world through every conversation and contact with our users.

A people-centered culture

At Apex, we define ourselves as a relational company, where closeness is the core and distinctive value of our culture. Closeness encompasses the bonds of trust and support that manifest in conversations, agreements, commitments and their effective fulfillment.

This ability is based on processes that promote accountability, diversity and agility, and that allow for a quick and relevant response to achieve results. We value diversity and respect as fundamental pillars to create better experiences for our employees, clients and communities. This drives our excellence and the positive bonds with the community.

Bonds of closeness

At Apex, closeness is the fundamental bond that connects our community. It represents our ability to understand and care for people, getting closer to their needs and concerns. It is the foundation for strong relationships and exceptional service.

Trusted relationships

Trust is a fundamental pillar of Apex’s culture. It is based on integrity, honesty and transparency in all interactions. Trust is essential to maintaining strong relationships and ensuring quality work.

who guide

At Apex, our leaders are open and accessible. They are available to help their teams, they listen and learn. They foster closeness and trust with their empathetic leadership. Our leadership model is paramount to our culture of well-being and high performance.

Join the Apex
NextGen team

At Apex, you have the opportunity to join a team that makes a difference. Our culture values diversity and closeness and allows you to be yourself in all of our seven Latin American locations. In each one of them, we will grow together and achieve the best results. But that is not all; at Apex, you also have the opportunity to be part of a bigger mission, to make an impact and grow both professionally and personally.

As we manage conversations and create experiences for global clients, our team will push you to reach your best self.

We are a team with a
genuine caring gene

At Apex, we know that people can make a difference. Our culture embodies our mission to “leave a better world.”

If you join us, you will be part of a team that works tirelessly to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

Here, you will find opportunities to contribute, be an agent of change and make your mark. Our commitment goes beyond words, and together, we can build a better world.

If you are passionate about doing the right thing and making a difference, this is the place for you – come join us and be part of a more caring world!

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Develop your
career at Apex

At Apex, we foster people’s growth and development.

Apex University is a manifestation of this commitment. On it, we share our knowledge and experience to help our community meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s business world. We focus on employability and turn our expertise into virtual educational content. In addition, we offer opportunities for development and growth within the company.

We promote development through strategic alliances with various institutions, universities and companies, providing every person with tools to reach their maximum human and professional potential. At Apex, your development is our priority. Join us and take your career to the next level

Growth and development of people

Experience to help our community face challenges

We offer opportunities for development and growth within the company

We promote the development of people, providing them with tools to reach their full potential

Join our


Work in call center

Join Apex!

More than a call center, we are a community that values its team as the heart of our success! We offer exceptional benefits and perks, we are dedicated to your growth by providing you with tools and opportunities inside and outside the company, drive your development with us and be part of something great!

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